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»   It's not too late to register for VBS {view link}

»   Join us for Vacation Bible School, July 23 - 28, 2018. 9am- 12:30pm.
To register, follow the link below.
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»   I posted a new video to Facebook {view link}

»   Adventist Review Online | Clara Peterson Rock, wife of Calvin Rock, has Died {view link}

»   {view link}

»   Please complete a short (5-6 minutes) survey and share it with former members and others that have attended church… {view link}

»   Adventist Review Online | Adventist Top Surgeon Acknowledges Adventist Education Support, Influence {view link}

»   {view link}

»   Reading Challenge {view link}

»   Adventist Review Online | After Adventist Appeal, Uganda's President to Consider Abolishing Sabbath Exams {view link}

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